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Recover - Colostrum
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For best results use in combination with the complete VibrantPetsTM Kit. Colostrum contains the antibodies to protect against disease and provides high protein content for healthy cells. For older, weaker, sicker animals use twice the recommended dose or more. Very beneficial for pets removed from their mother too early.


Works to correct the imbalances caused by incorrect diet and environment. All pets display good health and long life when they have the full benefit of what Nature provides them. Much of what nature provides is missing due to industrialization and typical pet food does not consist of a natural diet for the specie. When these things are corrected maintaining your pet becomes simple and easy. Colostrum is nature’s first and perfect food. It stimulates all bodily systems. Our experience shows significant benefits for all mammals and meat eaters when used as a regular part of their dietary maintenance. Young, weak, aging and wounded animals benefit greatly from increased dosage.

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